Rain Cloud Twin Pack

Rain Cloud Twin Pack

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The cloud makeup sponge is latex-free and super soft, making it easy to cover those hard to reach areas of your face and gives you flawless coverage without looking caked on.  The rain cloud is slightly firmer than the original cloud but still very soft

You can use this sponge to apply all formulations including creams, liquids and powder.

The cloud makeup sponge is durable and easy to clean, simply wash with soap and water.


1. Soak the cloud makeup sponge under a running tap and squeeze approximately 5 times until doubled in size. 

2. Squeeze the excess water out on a towel. Squeeze 2-3 times

3. Your cloud is now ready to use. Either apply your makeup directly to the cloud or your face/body. Bounce and blend your makeup into your skin. 

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