How to apply lashes with Luscious Liner Binder

You love the thought of wearing luxury guilt-free lashes but always struggle to put them on, ending up with glue and lashes everywhere except where they should be, then Luscious Liner Binder is perfect for you! Here is a step by step easy guide to assist you.

1. Luscious Liner Binder works best on oil free lids. Prep your lids by cleansing with oil free makeup remover such as micellar water and prime with an eyeshadow primer for best application.

1. Give your Luscious Liner Binder a good shake and make sure its at room temperature. Apply at the base of your lash line, if you're using the black Luscious Liner Binder you can create a wing at this stage. Make sure the Liner Binder is applied from inner to outer corner, as the lashes will lift if you haven't applied it properly. Apply your mascara before you apply your lashes.

2. Now you need to measure the lash against your natural eye. Do this by holding the lash (for the correct eye) with a lash applicator or tweezers, look down into the mirror with your head tilted back and place the lash where you would like them to be. dont place them too close to your inner corner as this can irritate your eye and feel uncomfortable. still holding the lash look to see where your outer corner ends and the strip lash ends. Cut off the excess of the outer on the faux lashes. The inner corner sometimes has excess strip without any lashes on (at both ends), cut this off also, it will make a big difference to your comfort. Repeat with the other eye.

3. Your lashes are now ready to apply. Gently remove the lashes from the packaging by peeling them from the outer edge. Always pull down slightly at a 45 degree angle, not up as to not damage the lash, you can also fold the tray if thats easier. Apply your lashes using your lash applicator or tweezers, look down into the mirror with your head tilted back and place the faux lash on to the liner binder starting in the middle, then attach the inner and outer corners using you tweezers. 

4. Final step is using your thumb and middle finger pinch your natural lashes and faux lashes together for a seamless blend.

Voila Gorgeous lashes in no time!